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COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with customers and fellow workers.  One solution to help prevent the spread of the virus is the use of what has been called in the past sneeze guards.

These sneeze guards or protection screens as they are also known can be temporarily or permanently mounted and come in a clear or frosted application.  They are shown in the pictures below as 2′ or 4′ wide X 12″ tall sizes but can also be custom made to fit any size needed.  The sneeze guard / protection screens in the pictures below are mounted on to a modular panel top cap as an example of how they can be used with a cubicle by attaching the mounting brackets to the top cap. These sneeze guard / protection screens can mount on cubicle panels, desks, tables, benching systems or almost any other piece of office furniture needed.

Great looking, effective and reasonably price these sneeze guard / protection screens are not the only answer to good social distancing at work but are a affordable piece in the overall puzzle to make the workplace / business a safer place to be.

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