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Used Low Wall CubiclesCubicles with low walls allow employees to see and talk to each other while seated. While this doesn’t afford much privacy, it does allow for a lot of collaboration and free flow of ideas. A company that goes the low-walled route likely fosters team work and creativity. The benefits include spontaneous brainstorming sessions and informal meetings about upcoming projects.

Most successful businesses are not a one-man show, rather they are the cooperation of several employees serving various roles, working toward a common goal. Each of these roles requires a certain type of person who brings with them their own preferences, needs and habits.

Determining what kind of physical accommodations to provide your employees may require you to examine the metaphysical accommodations as well. Creating a personalized office space for your employees is an invaluable way to help ensure that they perform to their highest potential. Your employees are not one size fits all, so why should your cubicles be?

Of course, not all employees adapt to these wide open spaces. And while the low walls allow for more conversation, that conversation isn’t always work-related. On the one hand, this may allow employees some much-needed respite from long hours staring at spreadsheets; on the other, you might be subjected to endless reality show talk or snack chip crunching.

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