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Used Cubicle WorkstationsThese previously used 5×5 cubicles make a great addition to any modern office design. Picking medium height cubicle walls is a great compromise when it comes to your office layout. Employees have more privacy — and will have an easier time blocking out the office mutterings to focus on work. And medium-high walls have the added benefit of forcing employees to get up and stretch their legs periodically. Companies furnished with medium-height cubicles might come across as being more formal and productivity oriented, compared with their free-wheeling, low-walled counterparts. These used mini cubicles are easy to fit into any office layout.

We’ll work with you on a custom office design layout that’s right for you and provide you with all the discount office furniture you will need to make your office layout come to life!

Maximum cubicle privacy is assured with a 56″ cubicle height. These used cubicles are super clean and will give your office a fresh look!

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