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Steelcase Move Chair


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Colors:  #4799 Platinum Metallic Legs;  #5999 dark grey vinyl (seat & chair back);  #6009 Arctic White plastic chair back

Description:  Stackable armless break room chairs (up to 5 high) on glides

As you sit, you move; so Move was designed to adjust and conform to the natural movements of the body. Comfortable and versatile, this lightweight stackable chair offers seating solutions for a wide range of spaces in the workplace.

Pull up a few Move chairs for an impromptu get-together. Or gang together in neat, tidy rows in a presentation area or training room. When everyone’s gone, Move chairs conveniently stack 5-high on the floor.

The Move chair features adaptive bolstering that conforms to the user, providing tailored comfort for each individual. The enhanced inner core system creates ideal seat comfort for a brief duration.


Under the slim upholstered seat of the Move chair is a system of dynamic flexors that curve to fit your curves. Using LiveSeat™ ergonomic technology, Move’s seat flexors create a comfort pocket that supports and moves with you.


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