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Steelcase Lockers 72″Tall

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gray laminate

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Brand:  Steelcase

Color:  Light gray exterior, White interior

Size:   Double tier locker tower: 15″ W x 18″ D x 72″ H  (individual locker size 15″ W x 18″ D x 36″ H)

Keypad Lock: The electronic keypad is a familiar and simple solution, allowing everyone to use lockers by setting up a personal digital code.

Description: Each individual laminate locker has an electronic keypad lock, small cubby in the upper corner and a hook (to hang jacket, purse, key ring, etc.)

SOLD IN GROUP OF 10 DOUBLE TIER TOWERS = 20 LOCKERS TOTAL  (Note: original setup had all 10 double tier towers in a row, with a side panel on each end = 2 side panels total)

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Size: W x D x H

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