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Steelcase Cachet Swivel Base chair

Steelcase Cachet Swivel Base chair

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Brand/Model:  Steelcase Cachet

Colors:  #6259 Gray frame/#B406 red fabric seat

Description:  The Cachet 487 Swivel Caster Base Work Chair from Steelcase features a black glass-filled nylon frame for exceptional durability in a seat that’s easy to wipe down. A flexible slotted seat and back evenly disperses your body weight as you shift, allowing you to gently rock as it reacts as you lean forward and back, making this a supremely supportive seat that transforms your comfort for the better.



  • Exceptionally sturdy and easy to clean
  • Black glass-filled nylon frame
  • Flexible slotted seat and back to evenly distribute your body weight
  • Balanced rocking movement
  • Arms move out of the way
  • 98% recyclable by weight

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