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SnapCab Focus Pod

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Brand/Model:  SnapCab “Focus” Pod

Uses:  Workspace, Phone Booth


SAFE  SnapCabs are UL Listed, seismic certified, and fire rated with the option to include a fire suppression solution.  We completed these tests to prove that SnapCabs are not only code compliant, but professionally vetted and certified.

FLEXIBLE  Mount computer monitors, televisions and air conditioners to SnapCab panels.

HIGH QUALITY  With its robust, heavy–gauge aluminum structural frame, patented interlocking panels, heavy–duty casters and more, SnapCabs are built with longevity in mind. 

Dimensions:  Exterior: 46” x 43.5” x 90”;  Interior: 40” x 37.5” x 78”

Space:  Capacity: 1 person, Square Footage: 14 ft²

Furniture: Desk: 33” x 14” x 28.5”;  Seating: 37” x 20” x 28”

Mobility:  4 High-load Phenolic Casters

Power:  15 Amp Rating, 2 110VAC Outlets, 4 Fast Charge USB

Weight:  1,135 lbs with Furniture

Lighting:  2 Dimmable LED Downlights

Ventilation:  312 CFM Motion Activated

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Size: W x D x H

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