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light wood stackable chairs

light wood stackable chairs

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light wood stackable armless break room chairs

Brand:  Lammhults (made in Sweden) “Campus” model

Color: light green tint wood seat & chair back/chrome frame

About the chair:  A stackable, linkable chair of high quality at low cost. That’s what furniture companies dream about. The product that can unlock international doors. The instructions given us were clear: think in terms of long rows of chairs rather than a single one. But how can one ensure that the character of a room doesn’t get lost among all those chairs? How can one create an interesting whole out of all the different parts? An architectonic method of approaching the problem. Consequently the solution proved to be far more than a single chair. Standing alone Campus appears clear-cut and simple, but grouped with others it’s form contributes to an attractive billowing wave of plywood. Quiet, with lots of character. Typical for Lammhults.

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