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Herman Miller Setu Guest Chair

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Brand/Model: Herman Miller Setu

Colors:  “Gloss” (silver) mesh;  Graphite (dark gray) arms/frame;  Semi polished (silver) base

Size:  high back (41” floor to top of chair back)

Description:  High back elastomeric (mesh) chair shell with black arm rests and semi polished silver base that swivels

Note: sold as a pair only (not singles)

Made with a Kinematic Spine

Material innovation gives Setu chairs their unique combination of flex and strength. The Kinematic Spine uses two types of polypropylene to control resistance and support your weight as you recline. It bends and flexes with every movement, responding to the natural ways your body moves.

More structural element than textile, the finely tuned Lyris 2 elastomeric material creates Setu’s one-piece seat and back. The breathable, pliable woven suspension adapts to your sitting bones, providing contouring comfort as well as aeration.

Every molecule counts

Setu is Studio 7.5’s solution for today’s more collaborative, less formal workspaces. From the graceful curve of its ribbon arms to the durable, uncoated H-Alloy base, every part of the Setu Chair was painstakingly shaped and reshaped to ensure that each molecule falls into the right place to deliver the desired functionality.

Less and more

The result is a dematerialized design that uses less material—only 17 pounds for the multipurpose chair—to support people of all sizes, up to 300 pounds. A range of upholstery and material options means you can customize Setu to serve as a focal point or to blend into any space where you work or live.

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