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Haworth Planes Nesting Table

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60″ x 30″

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Brand/Model:  Haworth Planes

Size:  60″ x 30″

Color:  White/Gray

Description:  White laminate table top with power insert on silver nesting base with casters. The table top flips up for nesting.  The power insert on the training tables can only be utilized by ganging 2 rows of 3 tables together in a row, because only 2 of the 6 tables have a power cord.  If using the tables in a single stand-alone setup, the power insert will not be useable however each table has a multi-outlet power strip in the tray underneath the table. The user will need to plug their powered items directly to the power strip.

Planes flip top mobile training tables allow for quick and easy storage as well as easy collaboration, making it ideal for collaborative spaces.

ADAPT EASILY Arrange Planes training tables as needed.  Surfaces accommodate people and their technology devices for classroom-style learning or working around the table. Securely gang them together, then easily reconfigure them when needs change-all without tools or expertise.

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