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Coalesse Lagunitas Chaise Lounge

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Brand: Coalesse Lagunitas

Overall Dimensions: 84”W x 34”D x 50”H  (seat depth is 24″)

Colors:  5G79/5999/4141  (lime green frame/dark green fabric)

Description:  Coalesse Lagunitas chaise lounge sofa

adapts to changing work styles and shifting work postures. A comprehensive seating and table collection, Lagunitas creates a “third place” anywhere while offering multi-modal support and varying degrees of privacy.

Working solo or in the company of others, a little privacy can do a lot of good. Lagunitas creates an intimate space within a public room. High screens, in knit or fabric, keep the thinking in and distractions out.

Posture perfect.

An articulating back cushion easily changes position to provide adjustable lumbar support for different postures. Lean back for casual work; lean forward towards a table for longer periods of productivity. Shifting between focused and informal work modes is as simple as lifting a handle, built into every articulating back cushion.


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Size: W x L x H

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