Cherry Laminate Benching Desks

Cherry Laminate Benching Desks

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Cherry Laminate Benching Desks

2 desks back to back (one unit)

Colors:  Cherry laminate top; Gray base

Size:  4′ x 2′ laminate desktop  (Overall:  48″W x 50″L – 2 person back to back desks)

Quantity:  (21) x 2 person stationary desks =42 stationary desks ; (1) x 2 person electric sit/stand desks =  2 electric sit/stand desks

Description:  Benching desks in clusters of 6 (3 back to back- 2 person desks); with frosted glass accent on each end of row and dark blue fabric/gray frame dividers in between each 2 person desk


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