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Allsteel Tolleson stack chairs-square back

Allsteel Tolleson stack chairs-square back

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Allsteel Tolleson stack chairs-square back

Tolleson was designed to combine elegance with practicality, making it easy to coordinate your chairs with your office design. Award-winning designers Tom Tolleson and Greg Saul infused Tolleson with richness of form without sacrificing comfort, flexibility, and affordability. So it fits right in around the conference table, alongside a desk, in the reception area, out in the café, or in social areas. It’s stylish, versatile, stackable, and so durable, it looks good while working hard.

Curved arms, padded and fully upholstered seat and back, and two back shape options –Square & keystone (round)– make Tolleson a chair for anywhere.


The Tolleson chair features a heavy-duty steel tubular frame construction that delivers maximum strength and rigidity, so it will maintain its elegant lines over a long life.

Note:  Also have this chair with Keystone (round) back, id#2825 (see picture of 2 chairs side by side)

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