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Allsteel Relate Task Chair

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black mesh/black leather seat

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Brand/Model:  Allsteel “Relate”

Colors:  Black Mesh Back; Black Florence Mezza Luna Leather SeatBlack Frame

Description:  Allsteel Relate ergonomic task chair has several features to adjust for your personal comfort level.  The Relate chair has a breathable mesh back to keep you cool with a padded leather seat for support.


Seat Height Adjustment — Enables the seat to adjust to the preferred height.  To raise the seat, lift your weight off the seat and pull up on the lever; release lever when seat reaches desired height. To lower the seat, lift up on the lever while you are seated; release lever whenever seat reaches desired height.

Seat Depth Adjustment — The depth of your seat adjusts to accommodate different leg lengths.  To change the seat depth, lift your weight off the seat. Squeeze and hold the lever as you push the seat forward or backward. Release the lever to lock seat in place.

Tilt Lock — Locks and unlocks the chair from an upright position.  Slide tilt lever back for continuous, fully supported reclining.

Lumbar Adjustment — Allows the user to raise or lower the location of the lumbar support to the preferred location. Locate the adjustment handles on both sides of the corners of the back of seat and move up or down to fit your personal preference.  The lumbar adjustments on the mesh chair can be made independently for the right and left sides of the back.

Arm Height Adjustment — Enables the user to adjust the arm height based on body size, task, and personal preference. Lift up on lever, and lift or lower arm height to desired position. Release lever to lock arm into place.

Arm Width and Depth Adjustment — Enables the user to adjust the arm width and depth based on body size, task, and personal preference. Slide arm pad inward or outward to decrease or increase the width between arms.
Slide arm pad forward or backward to increase or decrease arm pad depth.

Quick Tension™ Lever — Increases or decreases the amount of effort needed to recline in the chair Slide the Quick Tension lever all the way forward for the lowest tension, all the way back for the highest tension, or to any of the three middle positions

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