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Allsteel Inspire Stool

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black & orange

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Task stool with arms

Brand/Model:  Allsteel “Inspire”

Colors:  Black frame;  Tangelo (orange) fabric seat;  Black plastic mesh back


Height              37¾-47¾” H​

Width               24½” W​

Depth               25″ D

Description:  Inspire is flexible enough to transform any area into a comfortable, collaborative space. Whether you’re sitting for two minutes or two hours, these versatile stools look and feel just right.

Inspire seating allows your body to move, shift, and breathe more naturally and ergonomically. Inspire responds to the specific needs of today’s dynamic offices, learning environments, and healthcare facilities with a contemporary, durable design.

TriFit Technology:  Engineered to flex and move with your body, Inspire’s TriFit Technology reduces pressure, provides support and keeps the body comfortable with continuous airflow.

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