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48″H Steelcase Answer stations

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Brand/Model:  Steelcase Answer

Sizes: 6′ x 12′ x 6′ x 48″H  – Large U shape “Teaming station” for 2 people

6′ x  6′ x 48″H  – L shape station for 1 person

Fabric Colors:  #5541 -Main fabric (light gray);  #5999 – Accent fabric (blue)

Laminate Tile: #4728 -Light Gray Woodgrain (29″H section on outside of panel along main aisle only.  Fabric section above the laminate with glass on top)

Paint Colors:   #4604  (panel trim) “Driftwood”;  White – file/file pedestals

Worksurface:  #2823 “Driftwood Speckle”

*Glass Stacker:  Clear Glass (with brackets that match panel trim) Overall height with glass=60″H

Layout:  48″H inventory builds 2 person U shape “teaming station” 6′ x 12′ x 6′ OR an individual L shape station 6′ x 6′;  built in clusters with 48″ x 12″ frameless glass* along the spine;  72″ x 12″ frameless glass* on end of cluster/main aisle only.  

Description:  Each station includes:  18.5″H Dry Erase Markerboard (48″W on teaming station; 24″W on individual station); File/File pedestal drawer;  48″W x 18.5″H blue accent tile;  Belt Line power (below blue fabric skin);  6′ x 4′ x 2’D extended corner surface + 48″W return (teaming station) or 24″W return (individual station)


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