File Cabinets

Despite it being a digital world the need for paper still exists and in the case of a business paper documents are essential in many ways and thus need to be stored properly. File cabinets are the long standing choice to properly store important documents for businesses and nothing has come along yet to replace them. From locking steel cabinets to wood filing cabinets to fireproof file cabinets Office Modular Concepts carries a large selection with prices that can be up to 70% off buying new.

There are two types of file cabinets, vertical and lateral. A vertical file cabinet is what you think of when you think of file cabinets. A conventional type of cabinet where you will typically find two to five drawers. Vertical file cabinets are designed for legal size documents and are considered space savers when it comes to office space. Lateral file cabinets, while much wider in design as compared to the vertical file cabinet can be stored front to back or side to side. The design of lateral file cabinets is not as deep as the vertical file cabinets so you cannot use these cabinets as a wall divider. However, these cabinets take up less wall space and give more versatility to you in terms of storage of file.