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Over 130 Years of Beautiful Designs and Solid Products

Originally founded by Russell Stow and Thomas Haight, Stow & Davis Furniture Co., took on its current name when Haight sold out to George Davis in 1885. Since then, the company has consistently grown and expanded to become one of the foremost leaders of the industry.

Starting in 1928, with the acquisition of the Grand Rapids Desk Co., which signaled its first step towards widespread success, all throughout the Great Depression, which led to the company’s recapitalization and reorganization in 1936, to the creation of its “Executive Furniture guild,” which featured exclusive dealerships offering a wide variety of decorator services in 1953, to the opening of its million-plus-square-foot plant in Kentwood, Michigan in 1988, and finally to the establishment of new production plants during the early 1990’s, Stow & Davis has proved time and time again that the company is willing to work hard so as to claim its share of the market by innovating and creating some of the most beautiful furniture designs of the industry.

Stow & Davis started forging its successful incursion into the furniture industry as a manufacturer of kitchen and dining extension tables. Today, and after decades of creating and mastering the trends of the moment, the company has earned its well-deserved place in the Grand Rapids Public Museum, which displays one of the most valuable collections of Stow & Davis historical items, including catalogs, furniture, upholstery samples, designer drawings, and even an assortment of sample miniatures once used to promote the sale of the company’s products.

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