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St. Timothy Furniture Company was founded in 1973. In a relatively short amount of time, St. Timothy Furniture Company has been the go-to company for the North Carolina area, catering to the businesses of Conover. As one of the premier suppliers within the commercial furnishing industry, St. Timothy Furniture Company furnishings can be found in many major institutions throughout the Carolinas.

As the commercial division of the classic leather companies, St. Timothy Furniture Company offers a wide array of furnishings. These include swivel and side chairs, sectionals, barstools, benches, occupational and executive tables, task chairs, and hospitality furnishings. St. Timothy Furniture Company focuses more on transitional and contemporary styles for a variety of settings, with most furniture focusing more on comfort and style tempered by ergonomics.

St. Timothy Furniture Company has a known following with some of the nation’s premier country clubs, universities, campuses, and stadium suites. Since its inception, St. Timothy Furniture Company has had the opportunity to partner up with hospitals and assisted living facilities throughout the United States to help with comfortable furnishings that are muted and understated in style and colors, yet still engineered to be durable and ergonomic.

St. Timothy Furniture Company focuses on a horizontal integration of its manufacturing process. A horizontal organization has a short chain of command, allowing for better communication between the levels of partners, management, and subordinates. Furniture’s frames are cut, carved, and built at an on-site facility. Even a furniture’s seats and back cushions are developed and split into foam divisions for precise integration into frames. By utilizing a more horizontal management system, St. Timothy Furniture Company has established a close-knit relationship with suppliers of its leathers, fabrics, and vinyls for a complete manufacturing oversight that provides a custom product to be designed in extradited time.

St. Timothy Furniture Company focuses on value, while catering to partners that ensure continued success representing more than 400 frames and thousands of cover choices for any sort of customization that a business or a homeowner may need.

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