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Almost 70 Years of Continuous Success

Starting operations in 1950 under the header of Nemschoff Chairs, Inc., and under the skillful direction of Leonard Nemschoff, Nemschoff Office Furniture has evolved from being a small chair manufacturer in the heart of Wisconsin’s famous “Chair City”, to becoming one of the most renowned health care industry’s office furniture suppliers.

The 50’s: Breaking Away From the Norm

Nemschoff’s first big leap into the furniture industry came in 1951, with the purchase of Westfeld Co., which led to a break from the traditional “Sheboygan look” and the creation of designer furniture that was the launching point for the opening of its first showroom in the Furniture Mart of Chicago.

The 60’s: Inspiring Innovation

By 1962, Nemschoff’s innovative designs gained the company one of the most prestigious awards of the industry, the International Award for Outstanding Seating Design, granted by the Association of Interior Designers. Nemschoff’s search for improved seating and efficiency of use then led the company to create what is known as the wipe-out design, which introduced the first removable and replaceable seat covers, ultimately extending the life of the product.

The 70’s and 80’s: A Time for Strategic Decisions and Expansion

During these two decades, Nemschoff saw a few strategic changes that would lead to its current success. Among these, the decision to place the company’s focus only on institutional furniture. A much needed expansion and two new manufacturing sites, together with computerized machinery, completed the groundwork for the introduction of the first line of furniture to meet the flammability standards of the time.

The 90’s: Going Off-site

With the establishment of its first off-site seating center in Sioux City, Iowa, Nemschoff sets the new company standards for expansion.

From 2000 to Now: New Furniture Lines, Designs and Awards

With the advent of a new millennium, Nemschoff focuses not only on innovation, but also on budget consciousness and quality. With the introduction of several new lines, the company earns a series of prestigious awards, including the Nightingale Award, and is named Number One in Healthcare Furniture by Contract Magazine for two years in a row. At the same time, the company, now unified with Herman Miller Healthcare, starts setting new standards for patient focused solutions, which grant it an increased presence in the market, leading to the success the company has strived for since the day it first opened its doors.

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