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About Hon Office Furniture

Used Hon Office FurnitureSince 1944 Hom has become the most recognized name in office furniture. From our file cabinets to our chairs and tables and beyond their products have helped doers like you achieve more workday victories.

They are here to help you work smarter, more comfortably and on your terms.

HON employs award-winning designers and forward-thinking engineers that create furniture that’s easier to use. And more importantly, furniture that makes you more comfortable.

The end results are simple, clean products that never go out of style.

HON office furniture is designed by people who are empowered to do what’s best. For our customers. For each other. And for our communities.

HON doesn’t shy away from feedback. Actively seeking out customer opinions helps ensure they build products that address needs, not trends.

With more products and prices, you’ll find a chair, desk, table, storage or workstation that fits your office and your budget.

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