Our used Steelcase Think chair was designed for the growing trend of mobile workers and their unique needs.
Mobility not only impacts the way we work, but also the way we sit. Today’s workplace demands a chair that is smart enough to respond to the needs of the user and simple enough to customize comfort. Steelcase redesigned and re-engineered this global best seller to excel in today’s mobile world. It’s advanced technology supports work anywhere and everywhere.
The Think chair easily supports all types of work, from collaborative group work to focused work. Available as seated and stool height, Think easily integrates into today’s workplace, providing comfort and support no matter the task or type of work.
Think is smart enough to support both impromptu collaborative work, or an all day sit needed for focused work. It intuitively adjusts as a user moves, allowing them to get to work faster.
Think easily creates maximum customized comfort with a minimal number of adjustments. The Integrated LiveBack System, combines a flexible back frame, linked flexors and dual-energy lumbar to intuitively sense and respond to user’s needs.
The Think chair is an icon of sustainable design. When first introduced, it set a new standard in the industry for sustainable design. It was the first product on the planet to receive Cradle-to-Cradle certification, and the first to receive “level 3” certification under the e3 BIFMA standard.
The new Think pushes sustainable design even further. In addition to enhancing the ergonomic performance of the chair, we also made strategic decisions around sustainability, like incorporated more recycled content making up to roughly a third of the chair’s weight.
Think features a refined aesthetic, combining beauty and functionality. A variety of surface materials and a range of product options, make it easy to integrate Think into any application.

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