We now offer used Steelcase Leap office chairs. Leap seating’s Natural Glide System enables you to comfortably recline without straining your eyes, neck, or arms. Moving helps reduce pressure on the spine, sends oxygen to your muscles, and increases blood flow to your brain. Movement is healthy and your chair should support your body as you move. Changes in posture help you stay comfortable and more attentive. Your body is unique. You need a chair that easily adjusts to fit you, your preferences, and how you work.
A chair that is good for people should also be good for the environment. Every material, every stage of a Leap chair’s life, is designed to respect and nurture human and environmental health.
One more reason to be comfortable with Leap. With an exceptional range of adjustments, leap delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes. It’s the perfect solution for when you want to push back and relax in a deep recline, stretch out, sit up to a keyboard, or take any position in between.
After one year 17.8% increase in productivity with leap chairs and training. Ergonomics experts are not alone in loving Leap. Steelcase has partnered with other industries to allow patented Leap technology to be used in cars and airplanes.

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