Our Steelcase line of used Avenir® office furniture has earned a reputation for proven performance and unmistakable value in organizations around the world. In fact, over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have chosen Avenir for their businesses. With the flexibility to work however your business works, and the backing of a warranty second-to-none, Avenir delivers results today and tomorrow.
Avenir makes it easy to leverage your space in new ways. When your business changes, Avenir helps your work environment keep up.
Avenir’s wide range of aesthetic options enables your business to create just the right look. Make a dramatic statement by combining natural wood veneers with polished chrome. Take a quieter stance with a more subdued aesthetic. Whether your company is business casual or strictly business, your image is secure with Avenir.
Stuff happens, and it also accumulates. Avenir offers storage solutions that not only manage information, but help to create a more effective workspace. Here, storage towers on the aisle help define the workspace. Curved front bins increase privacy without increasing panel-height. Lateral files provide generous personal storage and establish workstation boundaries. Avenir puts you in control.
Research shows that people spend nearly 80% of their day working alone or with another person, so why not support that interaction? Whatever way you work, Avenir works right along side.
Avenir’s flexibility lets you create and define space in so many ways. Everywhere you turn, these used Avenir systems help you keep your options open.

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