Steelcase is changing the way you think about an office, and we offer exceptional used Steelcase office furnishings. Steelcase’s innovation legacy began in 1912 by a few people with a strong commitment to integrity and doing the right thing. Their past, present and future are all about turning insights into innovations that unlock the promise of people at work and make the world a better place. Steelcase is designed for the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of people.

Organizations are trying to provide employees with access to environments that offer some of the relaxed amenities of home, dubbed the “first place” and the energy of a corner coffee shop, an example of a “third place.” Leading organizations are blending these concepts at work, the “second place.”

The merger of first and third place attributes signals a long-term change in the way work is happening around the world. During the last few years, work has become dramatically more intense. Business tasks today are more varied and more challenging, and in some countries workers are increasingly mobile and distributed. Some organizations embrace the idea of employees working in a coffee shop or other third place for a variety of reasons. Employees need places where they can relax or work undisturbed, and organizations want to manage their real estate costs by having fewer bodies in the office. Meanwhile, other organizations feel strongly that people need to be together in the workplace in order to innovate and do their best work. And in many countries, the culture or the availability of “third places” simply does not support a mass exodus from the primary workplace. Regardless, employees in every organization are working longer and harder, and they need a physical environment that not only supports them, but also re-energizes and inspires them.

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