We proudly carry a wide range of used Knoll office furniture. Through research and experience worldwide, Knoll solves practical workplace needs with a comprehensive product portfolio that responds to individual workstyles and supports organizational goals.

Knoll is a constellation of design-driven brands and people, working together with their clients to create inspired modern interiors, and constantly think about how people interact with their environments, and how their environments impact what they do.

Knoll consists of people, collaborators, products and brands, united by a rigorous process, shared experience and a distinct modern sensibility, with strength in office systems, seating, furniture, textiles, leather, and architectural and acoustical elements allowing them to compose integrated solutions drawing on a range of products and services that naturally work together.

Teaming together across categories and brands to address the unique needs of each client with products that interact and expand seamlessly, they create harmonious relationships that are both functional and aesthetic. Their broad range of offerings allows us to create tailored, cohesive spaces and scale to meet any challenge.

The nature of work has fundamentally shifted. As the boundary between living and working blurs, so does the essential nature of the workspace. It is Knoll’s business to monitor the cultural dynamics that impact environments and imagine flexible products that both address current conditions, promote well-being, and anticipate inevitable change.

Design is inherently about the future, and a plan for tackling problems yet to come. The goal of Knoll’s innovation is always both timelessness and adaptability. They reject short-term trends and anticipate the inevitability of change as they continue to balance what’s next and what
is. Knoll is Modern Always because
modern always works.

Our used Knoll products are designed to endure, both physically and stylistically. Things that work are things you keep.

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