Work continues to change and our used line of Herman Miller Action Office makes it simple for organizations to manage that change. From the introduction of computers to new understandings of the importance of choice and variety in the workplace, Action Office has helped individuals and organizations adapt. For the individual, the Action Office system of interchangeable components can be configured to support two fundamental needs – privacy and involvement. For the organization, Action Office provides return on investment through simple specification, installation, configuration, management, and updating.

When the Action Office system was introduced by Herman Miller in 1968, it was the world’s first open-plan office system. This was a bold departure from the fixed assumptions of what office furniture should be during that time. With Action Office, Propst and Miller created a workspace solution that fit the way people really worked. Action Office was designed as a set of components that could be combined and recombined to become whatever an office needed to be over time. Designer Jack Kelley, designer of the mouse pad, worked side by side with Propst throughout the 1960s and early 1970s and played a pivotal role in the design of many Action Office components.

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