Our Hayworth line of used office furniture is especially made for adaptable workspaces and crafted by hand, giving you the ability to adapt to your unique and changing workstyles with the look and feel of success, not excess. Known for their inspiring design and craftsmanship, Haworth’s always evolving designs are steeped in rich tradition through generations of leather, metal, and woodworkers. This ideal confluence of form, function, and creative spark

Having choices is a wonderful thing – and Haworth offers one of the largest selections of veneers and finishes in the industry, plus a wide variety of standard shapes and sizes. Beautiful, scalable, flexible, Haworth reflects the individual and help you design your own great space. Hayworth’s furniture is designed by Andreas Struppler, Steffen Lipsky, Bob Wayner, Patricia Urquiola, David Grainger & Bang Design.

People at work have become more mobile – moving freely throughout the day, no longer tethered to a designated space. And, the ratio of individual to group workspaces has shifted to support collaboration. Our used Hayworth furniture responds to this ever-evolving nature of work by facilitating the new landscape of today’s work environments. All of Haworth’s lines feature a light-scale, residential aesthetic that responds to the blending of the work office and home office to provide a wide range of application and planning. Their knowledge of advanced workplace knowledge allows them to span a wide range of applications and support the most dynamic work environments.

From intimate offices to expansive spaces, Haworth maximizes density requirements and user comfort to accommodate growing and changing teams. Structurally robust bench designs can easily span the longest lengths with minimal support, providing a clean finished look and exceptional knee clearance.

Our used line of Haworth office furniture offers the highest levels of quality and performance—tailored to work anywhere and anyhow, and providing the ultimate in space planning freedom.

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